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What is a "Manual Update"?
Savio Designs' Services  |  Sat - April 10, 2021 10:33 pm  |  Article Hits:3300  |  A+ | a-

If you are not a web coder, the thought of making updates to your website can seem daunting! We have simplified this process with our Managed Site Plans. We do the updating for you!

With each plan you will get a certain number of "Manual Updates". Any time you want your site updated, you simply e-mail us all the updates you want and we do them for you! Keep in mind, these are content updates - not updates to the design or the features of the site itself!

How "big" can my manual update be?

Your manual update can be a simple thing like a few word changes or as large as changing the content on every single page of your site! The key is that it must all be written out in the same message to us - each message counts as a manual update. For example: You want the text changed on 3 of your site pages. You send us a separate e-mail for each page of your site. That equals 3 manual updates. However, if you send us one message letting us know that changes for each of those pages, than it only counts as one manual update.

Why do you do it like that?

The main reason we do it this way is to improve efficiency. It forces you to make sure you know what the updates are that you want (so we don't get tons of messages and mind changes), and it helps us so we can focus and have everything in one message.

Can pictures and Video embeds be included in the Manual Updates?

Of course! Any changes to your site's content can be included. Just make sure you attach all the pics/etc. for us in the one message. Manual updates do not include us "sourcing" images or other content for you, though that we can do for an additional fee.

What if you do the update but it doesn't look right?

Once we do the update we will let you know to check it out. If there are minor tweaks we will adjust those for free, but if there are major changes from what you told us in the manual update, then it might cost you a manual update to do. If something doesn't look right or isn't as described from what you sent us, we will be glad to correct that without any additional Manual Updates.

Can I buy Additional Manual Updates?

Yes, please see your plan for the prices of those.

Do Manual Updates "Rollover" if I don't use them?

Unfortunately no, Manual updates do not "rollover". Your manual Update Count resets at the first of every month."

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