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Website Analysis and Monitoring
Savio Designs' Services  |  Sat - April 10, 2021 10:57 pm  |  Article Hits:2873  |  A+ | a-

What is a Web Analysis Tool?

A Web Analysis Tool simply analyzes a website for a variety of factors often giving it a "grade" for different categories. It is a tool to allow people to see the performance of their website as well as things to fix or tweak to make it even better. There are both free tools and paid tools out there. While it is beneficial to do a one-time analysis of your website, the greater benefit is to do ongoing analysis and monitoring of your site so that you can see changes as standards change.

What Does Savio Designs Use?

Adding website analysis and monitoring is a new "tool" to the Savio Designs toolbox as of 4/10/2021. We have been impressed and use Screpy to analyze and monitor our web projects.

Screpy has a ton of features that include, but are not limited to:

  • Site Speed
  • Uptime/Downtime Monitoring
  • SEO Report
  • Page Monitoring
  • Coding Analysis

Initial Impressions of Screpy

When we first loaded up our projects into Screpy, we were impressed to see all the stats that came up. Screpy has a project dashboard for each site that helps us to keep things organized. It shows the things that are going well, as well as critical areas that need attention. Through its ease of use and its help in identifying areas for improvement, it is a tool that is going to not only help in creating a better website, but make that process easier and faster!

Why is this important?

When we are building a site we want to make sure that you get a site that is designed well and will perform well! Even if we are not managing the site, we want to make sure it is also being maintained and continues to perform well (it has our name attached to it too!). Screpy makes this possible for us.

How does this help me if I am a new client?

We recently enrolled in a professional plan with them and are using it for all new projects going forward. New clients will receive 2 months web monitoring included. After that, continuous monitoring can be purchased for a reasonable fee. This will give us insights into the site we are building and make sure it is even better, higher performing, and will be an even better product for you, our customer!

How does this help me if I am an older client?

We are also loading in our old projects into the Analysis and were impressed with what it is showing us. For our older clients, you will be happy to hear that we are going to be doing a free analysis of your site and do free updates to make sure it is performing to today's standards. This is a one-time courtesy we are doing of all our clients (it will take awhile to get through them all), our older clients will also be able to purchase the web monitoring service for a reasonable fee.

A few things we were impressed that Screpy was able to easily find for us on our older projects:

  • It identifies outdated code so we don't have to ""hunt for it"", we can simply replace it with newer, standardized coding.
  • It looks at the keywords and other SEO elements to see what can be improved.
  • It checks for valid SSL certificates and other security vulnerabilities.

These are all incredible insights for us to have at our disposal - using a Web Analysis tool gives us those resources to make a better site for you going forward!

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Ongoing Support Packages

We know managing and running a website can be a bit overwhelming. While necessary for business, it shouldn't overwhelm your business. Afterall, you are not in the website business! To take some of the pressure off of our customers, we offer a variety of ongoing support packages that will take the pressure off of you from monitoring your site, updating it’s content, and troubleshooting issues that may arise. Plus, all packages come with discounts on design changes and upgrades! Please Note: these packages are completely optional, your site will function if you choose to have ongoing support with us or not!

Peace of Mind Plan: $19.99/month

Our Peace of Mind Package is perfect if you don’t plan on doing a lot of content changes but want to make sure your site is being watched. It includes:

  • Savio Designs Site Monitoring (downtime/SEO/Speed/etc.)
  • Site Audit every three months
  • You can send us content (pics/text) twice a month to update for you (does not rollover)
  • 10% off design changes/upgrades

Pioneer Plan: $34.95/month

Our Pioneer plan is great if you want to have an active web presence. It includes the following:

  • Savio Designs Site Monitoring (downtime/SEO/Speed/etc.)
  • Site Audit every two months
  • You can send us content (pics/text) three times a month to update for you (does not rollover)
  • 10% off design changes/upgrades
  • Word Spinning and SEO updates every other month

Power Plan: $49.95/month

Our Power plan is for those who really want to keep their web presence active and fresh! It includes the following:

  • Savio Designs Site Monitoring (downtime/SEO/Speed/etc.)
  • Site Audit every month
  • You can send us content (pics/text) five times a month to update for you (does not rollover)
  • 15% off design changes/upgrades
  • Word Spinning and SEO updates every month
  • Minor design tweaks done free

Pay annually for any plan and save 5%! Contact us to add a Support Plan to your account today!

Support Ticket

Current Clients, please use this form to create a Support Ticket. Make sure you use the email that is connected to your Savio Designs Client Portal so that the ticket will show up in your Account! We will get back to you as soon as possible! Support Ticket submissions will take priority over email requests, as this allows us to track your support needs!

Remote Support

In many cases we can solve your issues through a phone call and Remotely Connecting to your computer. To request Remote Support, please contact us. In order for us to remotely connect to your computer, please enter the code we give you below and click "join", then download and run the remote tool (the files downloaded will automatically be deleted once the remote session has ended):


Remote Support Fee is $65/hour rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.

In-Home Support

On rare occasions we offer In-Home Support where we will come out to you and help you in person. For In-Home Support appointments, please contact us.

Rates for In-Home Support are $75/hour rounded to the nearest 15 minutes + $30 travel fee. Must be within 10 miles of zip code 91304 otherwise additional travel charges would be incurred!

Computer/Laptop Repair & Upgrades

Are you having issues with your computer or laptop? Did you crack your screen and need it repaired? Do you want to upgrade your computer with more RAM, a new Hard Drive, or other components? Savio Designs can help! We can diagnose, fix, and upgrade most PC needs and we can repair screens on both PCs and Mac Laptops! We can either come to you or you can drop your computer off to us in West Hills, CA for us to work on! Contact us with your needs so we can help you out!