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Site Saver from Savio Designs:

Site Saver is our new service geared towards giving you the Peace of Mind (POM) when it comes to your website. Website Servers, just like any other computers, are susceptible to crashes, power outages, hackers, and other vulnerabilities. While most companies do offer some type of backup and redundancies (you do need to read the fine print), there are often no guarantees if they will be able to restore your site, or within what time parameters they can get your site back up and running if and when a tragedy does befall their servers.

This is where Site Saver comes in! Site Saver will automatically back up your entire website AND your MySQL (database tables) for you! They will be downloaded weekly or daily, and stored locally, as well as securely on Barracuda's Secure Cloud network. Should your site ever need to be restored, we will be able to restore it from a previous version + we save older versions of your site so you can always revert to a previous version in case you mess up something on your site or your site gets attacked. The best part about our Site Saver service, is that we don't have to be your web designer for you to use it!

How does it work?
We put a small script on your site and use our automated software to backup your site daily or weekly. This does not affect your site's performance, but depending on your server package it might have an affect on your bandwidth usage. Since we use incremental backup (only downloading changed files) this should not be much of an issue. You must provide us with an FTP account to your site (we can set that up for you), as well as the access information for any database tables you want us to back up (again, we can help with that too). Should you have other designers work on your site in the future, please make sure you update us so we can ensure that we are backing up everything!


The Fine Print

Savio Designs Site Saver is a service to routinely backup your website and its MySQL databases (based on package) in case you should incur data loss through server issues, lack of payment to hosting company, hackers, or any other reason that might cause you to lose your website. Savio Designs Site Saver backs up an incremental copy of your site and MySQL databases and stores the backup both locally and in the cloud to ensure that it is there when you need it. Because the files are converted to a program specific file, Savio Designs must perform the restore and will do so at the price designated on the contract. The restore may take up to the number of days allotted by the package bought.
Please note, every effort will be made to get the restore done as soon as possible!
Should an expected delay in restore time occur, Savio Designs will inform the Client as soon as possible. Though secure, Savio Designs Site Saver is not intended for websites that require HIPPA server hosting, or that store large amounts of confidential information (including, but not limited to, credit card information). Savio Designs assumes no liability for such confidential information and advises that sites with such information be backed up with other services designed for them. Savio Designs Site Saver is limited to websites under 2 GB, which is more than enough for most small to medium sized websites. Again, larger corporate websites, or sites that store confidential information should utilize other backup services geared to fit their needs. In order to restore your website, please visit:, fill out the form and you will be contacted to confirm the restore. Restores will restore the site fully to previous or specified date. Due to the way we save the backup files, we cannot restore only parts of a site—the full site will be restored. Site Saver will be set up and first backup will take place within seven (7) business days after this agreement is signed and paid for. Savio Designs will be placing small files in the domain’s root folder as part of the backup process, those files must remain undisturbed for backups to take place. Incremental backups are stored for a minimum of three months. Please note that Site Saver is meant for Backup and Restore of a Site to the Same Hosting Environment. This is not intended, nor does it work for transferring a site from one hosting provider to another. Should your hosting environment change, scheduled backups will continue once you update us, but restores will only work from backups made from the same hosting environment.

Client Responsibility
Savio Designs Site Saver covers the lifetime of the site (and/or Savio Designs), however, in order to ensure that we are making the correct backups, the Client is responsible for maintaining an FTP account for Savio Designs, and updating Savio Designs of any changes with the hosting company, MySQL Databases, etc. Since this will normally be done by another website design company (should a client choose to have someone other than Savio Designs work on their site), you can download a form to give that company at, and simply send that in to us and we will update our backup records (this process may take up to seven business days). Savio Designs is not responsible for not backing up folders or databases that are not reported by Client! Any future work done by Savio Designs will automatically be updated by Savio Designs and the Client will have no need to report it.

Terms and Conditions
Backups will be done as outlined in contract, in case of equipment maintenance, technical issues, or acts of God that prevent backup on scheduled dates, a backup will be done as soon as possible once systems are restored. Savio Designs is not liable for unpredictable outages caused by technical issues or acts of God. If for any reason (outside of acts of God) a restore cannot be performed by Savio Designs, then Savio Designs will reimburse Client both the restore fee and the package price, but no more. This is only in effect in the unlikely event that the restore is deemed impossible, not for delays in the restore time or if a different restore date is used in the unlikely event that the specified date is currupt/etc.

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