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What is Domain or Hosting?

Hosting and Domains from Savio Designs

Domains and Hosting are an essential part of any website. Domain is the address where your website points to, and the hosting is basically the storage place/computer (known as the server) where your website will reside. When a person goes to your website in their browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), the browser connects to the domain's server and accesses your website. There are several factors that one should be aware of when picking a domain and a hosting plan (speed, demands of the site, server technologies available, etc.). At Savio Designs, we are happy to help you through these hurdles, help you understand what is out there, and give you recommendations for your specific project.  We are proud to have teamed with a top data center to offer great hosting at low prices!  Please visit us at to pick a plan today!


Hosting and Domains from Savio Designs




A domain is the address of your website (www.____________._____).  It is important that the address reflects the nature of your site, business, or organization.  It shouldn't be too long (people don't like typing really long web addresses) and it shouldn't be too complicated (a word or short phrase is usually better than a bunch of letters - unless you have a short and easy to remember acronym or initials). 

The other thing you have to worry about is the domain's suffix.  .com, .net, and .org are very common and easy for people to remember - but they have been around for awhile, and you run a good chance that the domain that you want is already taken.  There are several other new domain suffixes available.  Make sure you take your time and really think about it - it is going to be the identity of your site!  Another thing you might want to consider is buying several domains (even common misspellings of your actual domain).  You can then point those variations to your real site so that in case someone types in the misspelling or variation, your site will come up.  This is a great strategy and can also be done to block other's from getting a domain like yours, so that you can capture the market of that domain (for instance: your site is, but you also buy, and [the "o" is next to the "i" on the keyboard, making it a common typo], you have all the other domains "point" to and now you get all the web traffic whenever anyone types in any of those domains!  You also prevent a competitor from buying and potentially "grabbing" some of the users that were trying to find you, but typed .net by mistake!). 

Getting your domain can be confusing and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be!  Savio Designs can walk you through buying and setting up your domains and pointing any extra domains to your site!

We have partnered with the top domain sellers to offer you domains at a great price!  Because we have less overhead, our domain prices are often lower than our competitors.  Check out our prices and search for your desired domain at!

Hosting and Domains from Savio Designs


Hosting is where your website will actually be stored so that anyone who types your domain into their browser can access it.  It is important to have a hosting environment that is suitable for your site's needs.  We are proud to have partnered with a top Data Center to offer incredible hosting at a great price!  Visit and start hosting with us today!

Our Data Centers

Our partnering Data Center uses four different US data center locations (two in Illinois, one in Texas and one in Arizona),as well as a data center location in the European Union, situated in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Having that large infrastructure gives a vast amount of options for unmatched redundancy, large scalability and rapid expansion.  The latest technologies are also used to ensure optimal website function!

Domains and Hosting from Savio Designs


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